Oxygen Facials

If you are seeking an immediate boost to your skin’s appearance for that special occasion it is difficult to beat an Oxygen facial. This luxurious treatment provides an instant firming, reduces signs of fine lines and wrinkles whilst simultaneously nourishing and rehydrating the skin.

Price List

  • Oxygen Deluxe Facial (50 min): $115
  • A luxurious, refreshing and ultra hydrating treatment for all skin types. After a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and massage, the skin is treated with a fine mist of pure oxygen gas along with 87 vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. The result is supple, glowing skin that looks alive and healthy.

    • Fights free radicals in damaged cells
    • Eliminates bacteria that cause acne
    • Stimulates collagen formation

  • Oxygen Deluxe with Micro or Peel (50 min): $145
  • The ultimate rejuvenation for the skin; combining the powerful exfoliation of either microdermabrasion or a customized peel, with the healing and restorative powers of pure oxygen. Freshly exfoliated skin is able to absorb the benefits of oxygen therapy more effectively, therefore providing the most dramatic transformation available.

  • Oxygen Deluxe with Micro or Peel (80 min): $175
  • Add extra luxury and pampering with this transformative treatment by relaxing in a state of pure bliss for a full 80 minutes. In addition to the included face, neck and shoulder massage, an essential oil scalp massage and foot massage with hot towels is provided to melt away stress and tension. Extra time can also be utilized for deeper extractions if needed. Total relaxation and beautiful, radiant skin….Who could ask for more?

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