Infrared Sauna

Balance offers the very latest solar carbon sauna therapy from Sunlight Saunas constructed from Basswood which is 100% hypoallergenic and odor free. Our Sauna room has private shower facilities to ensure privacy and comfort for singles or couples.

The therapeutic benefits of infrared sauna treatments have been well documented and there is clinical evidence to support the views that they can be very beneficial as part of a cleansing program and assist in weight loss, pain reduction, improved circulation, lowering of blood pressure and improved skin tone.

Of course they are also extremely relaxing, especially in our sauna, which is fitted with so sound technology. This exciting new therapy amplifies audio signals from the sound system to resonate waves to the surface of your sauna and these gentle vibrations harmonize with the music to create a gentle musical massage for your mind and body.

Although individual sessions and courses are offered, we recommend you combine the treatment with a massage or body wrap treatment or as part of our mini-cleanse programs to maximize the benefits the infra red therapy has to offer.

Price List

  • 30 min: $45
  • Series (Course of 3): $122
  • Series (Course of 6): $235

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