Skin & Body Clinic

Skin & Body Clinic

Our philosophy at balance is to look holistically at individual client needs for all facial and body treatments and consider it essential to know what is being put inside a body and the type of lifestyle a person leads, prior to offering solutions to specific symptoms or skin issues that may be the cause of concern. Understanding the underlying causes of different skin conditions, be they genetic, hormonal, diet or lifestyle or combinations of them all, allow us to offer prescriptive regimes, that not only provide short term resolutions but hopefully offer building blocks for long lasting, sustainable benefits.

We have invested in the latest technological tools to assist in a detailed analysis of skin conditions, but it is the knowledge, experience and commitment of our skin specialists that will ensure that the programmes we recommend will be successful.

Our consultative process ensures that we base our recommendations on empirical evidence and through our skin analysis system we will monitor the success of our prescribed treatments and product protocols over time. This will show how your skin condition is improving and what continued steps are required to maintain the benefits in the long term. Our integrated approach ensures that you can receive assistance on diet, nutrition and digestive issues from our team of in-house therapists as well as advanced facial and body treatments and this combination of expertise in a single location offers a unique approach that will deliver outstanding results.

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Skin & Body Clinic
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