Reflexology is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic way to relieve stress and maintain good general health and positive well-being. This treatment is based on the principle that reflexes (or areas) on the feet and hands relate to the internal organs and structural systems of the body. Since all the systems in the body are so closely connected, even if just one part is out of balance, it can lead to disorders in other areas. Reflexology is based on the theory that good health lies in the uninterrupted flow of the body’s energy, and that a holistic and integrated approach to maintain health should be followed.

Applying varying degrees of pressure on to specific points can "tap into" the system of energy pathways present in the body, whereby areas of weakness and imbalance can be detected. Through regular treatments and working with combined reflexes, relaxation, balance and vigor can be restored. The client then lies down on a comfortable couch, where the feet and ankles are gently cleansed, powdered and massaged before the reflexology treatment actually begins. The client is then encouraged to lie back, completely relax and enjoy this wonderfully pampering and healing treatment.

Price List

  • Reflexology (50 min): $95
  • Reflexology (80 min): $125
  • Discounts available for courses of 3 & 6 treatments

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