A strong focus of the wellbeing practice at balance has always been nutrition and diet and we have assembled a very strong team of qualified nutritionists and health specialists in San Francisco to continue this tradition. We understand the demands and pressures of everyday life and offer a collaborative process to meeting your goal, whether the issues are weight management, digestion and elimination problems or implementing lifestyle and dietary changes to optimize your health and wellbeing. By being part of an integrated practice, our nutritionists are able to suggest a range of treatments such as colonics, acupuncture, lymphatic massages that compliment at home protocols and supplements to deliver unique solutions to individual needs.

Our consultative process includes an initial 90 minute consultation to gain a clear understanding of the challenges you face and to construct realistic, individually tailored programs to help you achieve your aims. The assessment will include reviewing contributions from potential stress and hormonal imbalance factors, fatigue, diet and exercise, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and food sensitivities and intolerances. We use the very latest pathology testing facilities when appropriate, to search for underlying factors that may contribute to your issues. We suggest a personal follow-up consultation after 4-6 weeks, and thereafter as necessary to review all aspects of the programme, making changes as necessary and to provide on-going support, but our team is always available by email to address any immediate concerns you may have.

Price List

  • Initial Consultation (90 min): $125
  • Regular Session (45 min): $80
  • Supervising Cleansing (30 min): $50
  • Course of 3: $216
  • Course of 6: $418

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