Colon Hydrotherapy

Balance hosts San Francisco’s fastest growing colonic hydrotherapy practice with three purpose built treatment rooms offering FDA approved Libbe Open and Dotolo closed system procedures. We are recognized as one of the leaders in this rapidly growing specialization as more clients appreciate the benefits the treatment can bring.

With an open system you lie on a molded fiberglass table that looks like a recliner. The form-fitted table has a basin cut into it & a small, disposable rectal tube, about the size of a pencil is attached at one end. After demonstrating how to gently insert the tube, our therapist leaves the room, providing total privacy for the client. The therapist returns when you are ready & begins a gentle, continuous flow of gravity-fed water through the rectal tube & into you. Your therapist remains in the room & provides instruction during the first session, but private time can be provided during future sessions once you are familiar with how everything operates and feel comfortable being left on your own.

With a closed system, you lie on a bed and the administration of the colonic is performed by the therapist, who controls the flow of water and assists in stimulating peristaltic movements through gentle massage during the procedure. The outflow from your colon can be seen through a glass enclosed tube that is inside the closed system to enable you and the therapist to interpret what issues may be present in your colon.

Neither one is “better” than the other. It is really down to personal preference as to which to use and our highly trained IACT registered therapists will be there to guide and help you throughout.

Whether you are considering a colonic as part of a general cleansing and detox program or have specific digestive or elimination issues that you want to address, you will find that your colon hydrotherapist is very knowledgeable and can provide objective and informed recommendations to help resolve any problems you may be experiencing. We offer a completely integrated approach to healthcare and having other complimentary practitioners operating from the same premises allows us to refer clients to a wide range of experts who can provide additional advice on specific issues that may require further attention.

In Safe Hands

All of our therapists have to meet the highest professional and ethical standards and have already gained significant skills and experience in other modalities of complimentary health. Our San Francisco clinic is an I-ACT (the leading international association for the profession) recognized training facility and we offer colon hydrotherapy training from foundation to advanced courses to therapists from all over the USA. You will find we offer a very clean, safe, caring and professional environment and will make every effort to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Price List

  • Regular Session (60 min): $95
  • Course of 3: $257
  • Course of 6: $496
  • Colonic + 50 mins infrared sauna (90 mins): $145

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