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Balance has gained an excellent reputation for offering clients a range of cleansing and detox programs that deliver results, by combining treatments at the clinic with products and supplements that can be taken at home, in an easy to follow regime.

Balance Signature Half Day Mini-Cleanse

This is one of our most popular packages in the UK which has achieved excellent results for hundreds of clients, many of whom do multiple cleanses throughout the year. We combine three consecutive treatments* in either a morning or afternoon session: a colonic irrigation, lymphatic drainage massage and whole body detox wrap; leaving you relaxed, energized and your skin soft and smooth.

Lemon Detox Program

The Lemon Detox Program is a highly effective naturopathic detox package that will cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and will also help you to lose excess weight. It is natural, simple and safe. The programme includes: Natural Tree Syrup, Cayenne Tincture, balance Formula 1 intestinal cleanser and a Dry Skin Brush and three one hour treatments. The treatments are designed to work as an adjunct to the detox and to further enhance and promote the cleansing and weight loss process. They also serve to relieve tension and to release emotional blockages and help to make the whole process more pleasant. Treatment Program*: Colonic; Lymphatic Drainage Massage; Infra-Red Sauna.

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Personalized Cleansing and Detox Packages

In addition to the packages outlined, our team will be pleased to construct personalized cleansing programmes over longer periods of time, including recommendations on food and diet programs to help you achieve your goals. These packages will include treatments and products and be priced in advance.

*alternative combinations of treatments can be chosen for the same price.

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Price List

  • Balance Signature Cleanse (3.5 hrs): $269
  • Lymphatic Massage, Colonic, Amino Body Wrap
  • Balance Mini Cleanse (2hrs 45 min): $210
  • Lymphatic Massage, Colonic, Infrared
  • Lemon Detox (over 7 days): $269
  • Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, Cayenne Tincture
  • Lymphatic Massage, Colonic, Infrared Sauna dry skin brush & balance Intestinal Cleanser.

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